Sleep Mist


Sleep Your Worries Away with our SLEEP MIST product with BERGAMOT Scent.


Sleep Mist Aimono Living is useful for:
1. Help improve sleep quality
2. Provides a calming effect
3. Anti Bacterial on pillows and sheets.

This product uses essential oils.
The alcohol used in this product is FOOD GRADE.

Why choose Bergamot for the scent of Sleep Mist?
Bergamot is a citrus-like fruit with the Latin name Citrus bergamia. The oil from this fruit helps calm the mind so that it makes it easier for us to fall asleep.

How to use:
Sleep Mist can be sprayed on beds, pillows, bolsters and bed linen. Can also be sprayed on clothes and hijab. Spray 10-15 minutes before bedtime. Use before bed to help provide a calming and relaxing effect.

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