Oven Glove – Aratha / Kei


Aimono Living’s Oven Gloves are protective hand gloves against high heat like during the process of taking food into and out from the oven or microwave. It can also be worn to carry hot boiling pots and pans. It is highly suitable for those who love cooking and staying in the kitchen for a long time, especially when constantly in contact with oven, stove, microwave, pan, and other hot objects.

Aimono Living’s Oven Gloves have practical hanger mechanism, with non-generic and chic design that allows these gloves to be used as a part of kitchen decoration.

Aimono Living’s Oven Gloves have 2 monochrome design choices, namely Kei and Aratha. Its unisex design will naturally suit men and women.

Fabric : Cotton mix hipolytex